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In 2010, a significant milestone was achieved with the founding of RA ON CALL, a pioneering regulatory affairs company. Recognizing the growing importance of regulatory compliance and pharmacovigilance, we embarked on a mission to provide top-notch services in regulatory affairs and drug safety. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to upholding the highest standards propelled us to become the first-choice partner for pharmaceutical companies seeking regulatory support.

By 2017, the Stability Drug Store was established, symbolizing the completion of a cycle. We now operated both as a reliable pharmaceutical marketing authorization holder and as an industry leader in regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance services.

Building on the strengths of our individual entities, we envisioned a future where we could offer a more comprehensive and integrated approach to healthcare solutions. Thus, in the beginning of 2023, we took a bold step forward and merged the services of RA ON CALL and Stability Drug Store to create the innovative and forward-thinking 180 Degree Drug Store.

Under our new identity, we continue to combine the expertise of pharmaceutical marketing distribution, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance services, and training thereby offering a complete and holistic approach to global healthcare. With our unwavering commitment to integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we aspire to transform lives and lead the industry in shaping the future of pharmaceutical services worldwide.


About 180◦ Drug Store

In the journey of establishing 180 Degree Drug Store which was born from a rich history that began at manufacturing sites experience, where we gained valuable insights into the pharmaceutical industry’s intricacies. Through this hands-on experience, we developed a deep understanding of drug production and distribution processes, laying the foundation for our future endeavors.

As we expanded our horizons, we ventured into the realm of drug stores. This step allowed us to explore different business models within the pharmaceutical sectors, enabling us to comprehend the diverse needs of customers and healthcare providers. Learning from these interactions, we honed our focus on delivering exceptional customer-centric services.





•Representing international pharmaceutical
company as Scientific office Karma Pharmatech/
•We as agent trying to hit the target by gain internal alignment through doctor’s direct messages, conferences with KOLs with
gala dinner, marketing materials, medical reps and sales follow-up.

•Distribution activities for the target customers through multi-distribution channels in and out Jordan through our partners/exclusive distributors there.

•Direct purchase for drug shortages for Jordan and
other MENA regions.


•We recently established e-commerce website dealing with health products under name Lily medica ( www.lilymedica.com ) , the base is Qatar under Oxygen medical for trading.

•Regular marketing training.

•Distribute free samples to doctors and trying to
put the items under health insurance to increase the targetable segmentation.

•Dealing with all marketing campaigns.


At 180 Degree Drug Store, our vision is to revolutionize the pharmaceutical distribution landscape by empowering global health through our commitment to integrity and innovation.

we aim to redefine the pharmaceutical standards during product lifecycle and making a significant and positive impact on the well-being of people worldwide.

Hospitals (public/private)
On-line shops
Nutritional centers


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